Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Junior Pictionary (used)

RM40 (inclusive COURIER delivery to Peninsula M'sia)
In GOOD condition
Retail price : RM79.90

All of the fun of Pictionary, now resized for kids! Get your kids to enjoy a long night of excitement with some favourite snacks and any board game that you have. Future artists, get your pencils ready! In this fast paced game, players have to use visual skills and quick thinking to guess the word that is being sketched out by a teammate, without using any verbal clues. When it is your turn to draw, you must sequence the steps to play, by reading the card, processing the word in your mind to get a mental picture, and drawing that picture clearly for others to guess. This game encourages reading and comprehension of single words, creativity in drawing and thinking while promoting teamwork.

Guessing Game
Pictionary Junior English is a simplified version of the parent’s game, designed for a younger audience. The game consists of rolling a die to circle a linear track on the board and topics to be drawn from cards. An hourglass marks the time limit for guessing. The cards contain simpler topics than the parent game to make it more suitable for the children.
Fun and Entertaining
This is a wonderful game that will enhance the artistic, vocabulary and imagination skills of your kid. In this game, a teammate has to sketch the clue and the other player has to quickly guess the word. Other than that, this Pictionary Junior will get your kids to learn how to reach faster and promote their imagination.

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