Friday, January 6, 2017

Baby Soft Toys (NOT inclusive postage)

1. Lamaze Octotunes Baby Musical Soft Toy (used)
In GOOD, CLEAN condition (already hand-washed)
Product Description
Do! Re! Me! Baby will have lots of fun making merry music with Octotunes. A different note is played as you push each tentacle. This soft, lovable character also teaches baby about nurturing play. No batteries required.

The colorful, plush Lamaze Octotunes has a big friendly face and eight colorful tentacles. Very young infants will love the bright colors, but the best part--for older babies who can use both hands to grip--is that Octotunes will respond to squeezes with a different note from each tentacle-horn. Great for budding musicians!

Give Cuddles, Get Music
As baby gets older, Octotunes will reward the child's squeezes with tunes--or just reward snuggles with tootling goodness, which helps baby learn how to nurture. In the meantime, you can squeeze Octotunes' tentacles and watch your baby's eyes light up, especially during tummy time.

Size (LxWxH / WT) : 12.00 " x 8.50 " x 12.50 " / 1.63 lbs

2. NEW Becca Baby Stroller Soft Toy (RM20)

3. NEW Becca Baby Stacking Ring Soft Toy (RM30)

Colourful and soft to stimulate baby's tactile and eye focus. Makes a great gift!

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